Top ‘1990-2000’s cheesy’ songs you just love to hate – but with a twist


Just like marmite in your ears:

But strip away your judgement, and what literal, or subliminal messages are you left with?

Top ‘1990-2000’s cheesy’ songs you just love to hate – but with a twist

And so, the cheesy music searching begins…

After much ‘Ipod’ playing (or in my case , as a recent converted ‘FAN-DROID’…..SORRY APPLE READERS!
– the Samsung Galaxy S3 music interface player I use, known as Zplayer!), I dabbled throughout a library of my music from the 80’s, ’90’s and up until about 2006 (ish), because, let’s face it, music sort of started dieing around then, producion wise, with the onset of auto-tune blaring through our speakers like a girl on a rollercoaster giving different intervals of pitch screams….

Anyway! After my ‘dabbling’ (I really say that with conviction…) and a long trip down Youtube’s wonderful memory lane of pop cheese and salami, I bring to you, a list of FIVE whittled down, not perhaps, the greatest or redefining movie and mainstream pop songs of the 20th/21st century, but the ones which struck a chord in the over analytical person that is moi.

Such songs, which, despite being overproduced or layered with annoying chipmunk vocals or cliche production values, actually, to a degree, posess some sort of integral, bold statement or message behind it.

You may think I’m mad at this point.
If you do, and your not convinced, by all means, turn away now.

I’m just warning you!

As I should have stated to you all!

This blog was a risk in itself, and as always, I like to write on something which challenges the norms of what we may think, or atleast, perceive.

To take on board such ideas, we must look at these cheesy’ songs like onions (pun 100% intended), I’m afraid, for the shy onion slicers out there. You peel it, and the layers simply come off. Voila. And then, after much slicing, you start to see the truth, and maybe cry? But don’t worry, only a little, since after all, you are only watching through a computer screen. So no onion cry-proof goggles needed!

But you get what I was doing there? Oh yes, very funny…..

However, on a more serious note, this same principle has very much applied similar to one of my previous works, involving the comparitive insight in to the artists, Michael Jackson and 50 Cent. So, in that case, it should work? We’ll see later on! So, of course, you wonder, why are you writing about this? And perhaps, what shoddy, and cringe-worthy songs could you ever possibly justify in context as bearing any sort of credible music digested meaning to them? Well, in a strange way, from my experience, it applies like newspapers. Tabloid newspapers.The Sun. The Daily Mirror. The Daily Mail (oooh, controversial choice there, I bet your thinking!)

My point is, although you may not particularly want to read too much of them, or see too much (unless it’s page 3, of course!) of the slanted reporting they may adopt, what you should know in this industry is – always know what you are up against. Know your enemy.

Because without them, many of the events which happen on a daily basis in the world may not have been discovered, or hacked (in the tabloid newspaper “News Of The World”, which has unravelled enormously this past year or so), to find new (and sometimes!) relevant pieces of information which utlimately benefit the public domain, or their central sources of interests, for that matter.

But, before I go off on any more tangents, I bring to you, the:

Top ‘1990-2000’s cheesy’ songs you just love to hate – but with a twist

BUT BE WARNED. View at your own peril!

The choice of songs listed below may make you gasp with horror. They may even make you want to consume some real cheese, just not the audible versions, here…this is not for the faint of heart.  But, for the benefit of this piece, try and forget them as the person (or people) for the moment, if that’s not too much of an ask here…

And so we begin, in a chronological, quirky order. So, sit back, watch, and potentially feel like your ear drums have been violated after this:

1) Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl (1995)

Take our first classic, quintessential example of a ‘chipmunk’ song based on what I have stated above – the born and bred Greek/Australian convert/British reality star Peter Andre (got there in the end),whose one wonder hit, “Mysterious Girl” (1995), was a song that, still, to this day, retains a classic 1990’s pop cheese nostalgia, for the simple reason of being reptitive and simplistic in it’s melody:


Ohhhhhh woow woow wooow a wooow, mysterious voice, I don’t wanna hear any closer to you!

You get where I’m going with this. An ab-spiration at best, but besides the music, is it purely just all for show? Is there really anything more to take from a literal point of view, in terms of the theme and the music content? Should we always be so naive when considering such meaning?


Credits go to user Methee Pongkumpanat

In my humble opinion, I think this music video, given the time period it was released, during the technological redundant world of social media and smartphone technology in the mid 1990’s, represents the back to basics, non-mediated, non-commercialised idealistic view of an exotic life that we all should live in (from the perspective of the dominant male), paired with a ‘mysterious’ girl, and the ‘perfected Andre Abs which permits a x1000 sit up crunches workout a day and butter rub myself with oil or what fake tan products are out there’ lifestyle adoption. “Mysterious Girl” paints a complex contradicton in two ways – one, he appears masculine and clearly worked hard for his physique – but two, he comes across rather feminine, and in doing so, is his main appeal only towards the female market, purely for the “sex sells” image? It’s an interesting debate, but clearly, there was only one market this video was out for really – the girls. In other cases, men would perhaps envy this oil greased action man figurine’, as he challenges the dominant attitude, appearances (as he does appear feminine at most times in the video!) and lifestyle for which heavy male gym go-ers live and breathe for.

But carrying on with the initial ideas of “Mysterious Girl”, this all completes the formula for a continental, utopian paradise. The song sends an undertoned message of a vain outlook on appearance, or in Andre’s case, THE ABS, to sell the music, an exotic woman and culture (in Thailand, where the video was shot), sprinkled with a slice of risotto cheese vocals and pure, classic 1990’s simplistic music video production to make up for the combination of segement shot for shots of the two pursued subjects, Andre, and the ‘mysterious girl’  (who of course, in the video, is strategically un-identified to surround the enigma of the song’s title and focalised theme).

1b) Peter Andre: The Sequel – Insania (2004):

Yes, ladies and gentleman. Andre didn’t quite leave the ‘mysterious girl’ alone.

He went a bit Insania for the Spanish in this video, if that’s what you can call it…

The sequel (*sigh*) – “Insania” (2004)

Upon making a rather swipe attempt at re-launching his career after making a stint on the “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” reality based ITV show, the pop cheese man Andre came back with more macroni. Only this time, he actually went to the effort of trying to make a bigger budget looking music video in the neo-suburban backstreets of Madrid, Spain, with dazzling fast cars battling in the background through his ‘Neo’ arm poses trying to look cool as if he is dodging through the god damn Matrix.

You don’t fool us though, Andre. Although you produced yet another gigantic block of cheese for the rodents to nibble on (by that I mean his pesky girl fan following), beyond the cringey vocals and cheap visuals, “Insania” as a song that does indeed have an interesting notion of the future to tell. Unbelievably.

First, watch the music video, launched back in 2004:

Credits go to user Mush – Pako

So what does it all mean? What is “Insania”? Are we worried about the world? Is Peter Andre warning us, subliminally, or was the song just to remain a naive, lyrically, catchy song from it’s former conception?

It’s all a bit too much to think like that.

However, since he puts it across to the point of too much “Insania”, we, as the viewer, are in no other unfortunate position than to listen. So it seems, from the song, that we are living in a post-modern time of a digital and technologically driven age, where “everythings becoming an Insania”, and according to the lyrics, “insanity is slowly creeping in to our minds”. In a Peter perceptive Andre outlook, he questions us – ‘is it (it being technology) what we need or are we killing the scene…dictated by the screens….no more following your dreams?’

So what, if we use technology and live by it’s rules too much, our lives will end as we know it? Ok, this isn’t the apocalypse, but it sure as hell might want to try to be in this song! Just take a look at the lyrics, this is going to drive anyone up the wall of “insania!”

P.S. ignore the do do do do do’s. It gets painful to read. Or listen to, as a matter of fact. It’s not fun.

Take a look around At what technology has found Is it what we need? Or are we killing the seed? Dictated by the screen, No more following your dreams, The world’s become a difficult place to be


Do do do do do Do do do do do Do do do do do This Is Insania Do do do do do Do do do do do Do do do do do This Is Insania

Cloning will diverse, Aging will reverse, Insanity is slowly, creeping into our lives, yeah Where is yesterday? Cause people ain’t the same….have we lost the faith? Or have we lost our minds…

But back to the actual workings of the song – since this was released in 2004, just before Youtube and other social media hubs like Facebook and Twitter were being established – it’s interesting to note how the content of the lyrics and video almost forecast the future we live in now, and our everyday way of living  as we know it. As naive as the song’s message is and given Andre’s simplistic, over glorified ‘pop’ aesthetical image – it’s pretty hard hitting stuff nonetheless, when you critically think about it like this. It’s a funny juxtaposition – you get these serious matters concerning where we are heading in a fast forward 21st century society, sung out with high nasal vocals in a cheesy melody – and yet – if it were any different, and if it actually featured a singer with just an ounce more credibility in the industry than the Abs of Andre – would it have still made the same impact on us? It’s an ironic notion to consider.

The song goes on to portray more normal ways – well, at least how Andre sees it – of living. This, through driving around the Spanish countryside in a red car, even though you probably are not actually driving the car in most scenes, given the shoddy green screen work you see going on in the video. Oh dear. And, much to everyone’s surprise – Andre has another ‘mysterious girl’ up his sleeve! This time, a Spanish brunette….who he wistfully charms in to his red convertible.

But, alas, what we find are the lyrics, that make these large assumptions over our society being over ridden with technologies, which, probably in our cases, or at least any human being with a computer today (god forbid those who don’t, unless you are living in a hole, what is wrong with you?!) will have access to such resources including photo utility ‘Instagram’ and messaging service ‘Skype’, both of which ultimately break down the communication barrier in a more artifical way. By this, I mean how people interact on these facilities to feature their lives on through a screen – be it taking photo’s of anything and everything on Instagram, or beaming your beautiful face on webcam to someone in a different time/space/zone to tell them how much you miss actually talking to them face to face and that you wish you weren’t looking through a television screen to make visual contact. You see what I’m getting at. It’s a bit scary when it is ratified like that. The lyrics in the song actually reinforce this technological destructive idea of human relationships and interaction, as in one segment, Andre sings – ‘where is yesterday…because people ain’t the same….”. Again, this is brought upon in more lyrics, where we should ‘hold on to real love….as there’s so much to share”. It is quite odd, to think now, in 2013, how we do still, at the heart of our being, “share” things, but more often than not, those things that are shared are mostly done so through sharing photo’s online on Facebook, or sharing messages or events, which all, in all probability, are fulfilling to ourselves as functioning everyday humans – but at the core of this song – the message is to simply alarm us to the fact that if we don’t stop using technology so much – the world will become an ever more ‘insane’ place to live in, full of over controlled influences and scary futuristic developments, such as cloning, and robots.

2) Aqua – Barbie Girl (1997)

Upon watching this on my glorious HD Toshiba 36 incher (don’t take that the wrong way you dirty bunch) TV,
I was REALLY lost for words on this one. I mean, really? It just screamed out. And shouted.
It breached and balled up and down like Katie Price’s boobs on a catamaran.

Fun times….

But more realistically (and less plastic-ally), like the cats you hear late at night screeching down each others throats just when you want to get some shut-eye, and they’re having a clawing scrapping old time with nails as long as Sarah Jessica Parkers bunions/legs/undesirable traits any wise man could see out and the rants and raves you hear from the larks and marks of the drunk ‘glamorous’ British women parading the high streets of your town, professing how ‘stunning you may look babe, or, a personal favourite of mine, ‘alright love’.
No, I’m not ‘alright love’.
You’ve just stomped on my parade with your fat, trolling heels.
And your ruining this candy piece of ’90’s music for me to suck on.

Imagination. Life is our creation…

Christ…I’m feeling the Barbie Burns already….

But, as always, let’s observe.

Credits go to user ‘AquaVEVO’:

So, come on Barbie, let’s go party then….

But first off. I find out this band, the darling Danishes of Denmark – had the ‘Aqua audacity’ to launch a comical comeback 13 YEARS after their one hit wonder, with, yes, the ‘Barbie Girl’ (1997). How the hell they got away without not a dime of copyright infringement, I don’t know.

Either Mattel is one hell of a plastic commercial spinster manufacturer, or they just flogged the old girl on to any cheeseboard media opportunity and let her hair down to go and party in the pop candy world – LITERALLY.

Credits go to user ‘Brightnights’:

‘Lene Nystrøm was on Danish television last Friday, where she said,
that Aqua just finished recording a new album.

This album is planned to be released in the spring of 2011.’


And…the funniest quote of pop’s 21st century:

‘We haven’t grown at all in these last few years, it’s not like we’re more clever now than we were 10 years ago’

Well, at least your honest, team Barbie. I give you that, for some Danish style ‘Frikadeller’

(Danish meatballs, for the cultural-cuisine phobic)


So just a few fun facts.

oh, Wikipedia, you were my last Barbie resort….

  • In 2007, Rolling Stone named “Barbie Girl” as one of the 20 Most Annoying Songs.
  • But in 2007, MuchMoreMusic featured the song at No. 27 on the list of the 50 Guilty Pleasures.
    In 2009, Same Difference voted it No. 2 in their Ultimate Cheese-Fest Top 20 on 4Music.
  • Five years before, Blender magazine voted it at No. 33, as one of the 50 Worst Songs Ever.
  • In September 2010, Matthew Wilkening of AOL Radio ranked the song at No. 5 on the list of the 100 Worst Songs Ever, stating that “Paris Hilton was 16 years old when this [song] came out. We’re not blaming Aqua Girls entirely. We’re just saying…”
  • In 2011, Rolling Stone readers voted it the number one most annoying song of the 1990s.
  • Mattel sued the band, saying they violated the Barbie trademark and turned Barbie into a sex object, referring to her as a “Blonde Bimbo“. They alleged the song had violated their copyrights and trademarks of Barbie, and that its lyrics had tarnished the reputation of their trademark and impinged on their marketing plan. Aqua claimed that Mattel injected their own meanings into the song’s lyrics and MCA Records was not about to let their hit single be suppressed without a fight. They contested Mattel’s claims and countersued for defamation after Mattel had likened MCA to a bank robber.
This is laughable. I mean, seriously? Yes, seriously. It quite contestably, was, and still IS – the most cheesiest song on this planet. This goes right up there on the macaroni Richter Scale. To the contrary however, credit where credits due, the song did rank on the Official UK Charts Company Data 2012 out of 123 singles as the 13th highest million selling single – dishing around a commendable 1.79 million physical singles. Not bad for the old Barbie, eh?

That said:

  1. It’s right in your ears.
  2. It’s right in your face.
  3. And, worst of all: it’s like one of those ‘pasty garbled’ chip off the block budget adverts you watch interrupt your favourite programme or online streamed video that you, in a flash second, put on mute, purely to avoid the after taste and lasting scarred memory you have upon returning to your respectful choice of consumed media.
Barbie Girl Aqua
In a ‘Barbie world’: But was does this suggest about feminism?
Although a very sensitive and open-ended topic, it would be wrong
not to discuss it in the context here.
What’s worrying? How Barbie is portrayed in the video – and how it could potentially influence children’s behaviour.
According to the BBC, Barbie has been representing a multitude of careers over her 50 year career which has included the job alphabet:
US fighter pilot, rapper, Olympic swimmer, sign language teacher…

So, what is this? A Barbie bonanza? What is the art behind this video? Why do we want to ‘dress your hair, and take you everywhere’? Talk about domestic goddess. More like a hanging train wreck, if you ask me. Is this really what is desirable for us men to want to be attracted to in a contemporary mid 1990’s world?

Hey, well if looks are to go by…….then please Barbie, be my guest.

It is, much like Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’ video – providing a much overly ‘gross-vain’, and let’s face it, ‘plastic’ (his abs weren’t plastic, as much as the tabloids liked to believe, however!) outlook on life, emphasising the sexualised fantasises and roles devised between men and women, but also, in the context of this video – a much more explicit, cartoonist and caricature development going on. Much like, in the weirdest sense of visualising it –  if you were to go to Disneyland, but instead of your favourite rides you would see polystyrene packaged rides and  Mickey would be much more, um, ‘stickey’ (much to Barbie’s liking). 😉

But what are Aqua trying to point out amongst our Barbie bane plastered to our eyes, and more worrying, ingrained in our human ‘psyche’? The video directs a constructed notion, or fantasy of the lazy, non-working male and female, and essentially, how they should be played out in a commercialised context; this, through a ‘glitzy’, glorified edition of feminine beauty, glamour and an indirect, unsophisticated, vain version of how Mattel prefer to reinforce Barbie, the doll, in it’s literal, and object sense to it’s young pre-adolescent female market. The three minute video also provides a perplexed account on adultery – through it’s use of the dominant male stereotype representation (KEN) and counter-part, wimpier males following the ‘chase’, or, if you will, the common ‘catch’ in the narrative – that being, none other than bombastic Barbie in her ‘bimbo-est’ form.

Furthermore, it points fun to a much more sinister, underlying sub-conscious notion of the feminist role.

I’m treading on rippled waters here now. Be warned, ladies and ‘ladettes’. Now, before any of you feminists start knocking down on this feature’s door, I fear you not. You can’t help but notice it. Look, females have come a long way since this….Wimbledon being a great example. And about time. They should get paid equal amounts of money. I’m completely for that. They are, remarkably, packing a punch as much as ‘hit maker’ Henman
(a questionable title, since he never won Wimbledon) and miraculous Murray; with little or no limits facing them. Not that I am insinuating here that women have any (just to clear that up, ok)!
To the female sensitive of you, out there.

I have no problem standing up for such issues we still face in today’s gender politics.
I will happily scream for Sharapova and her skirty grunts. I’m no cheerleader – but –  EURRRRRRRGH!

However, what you see painted in this rainbow tinted coloured video is a distorted view of the everyday female, and Barbie, for that matter. Not every girl goes out dressed and acting like a ‘bimbo’ in distress
(as Mattel claimed along the lines of the Danish band doing; who were simply portraying and exploiting Barbie as a brand spearhead to drive commercial sales and figures for the song, and of course, ‘brand-hoe’ music video).

I mean, let’s look at the lyrics:

‘I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation’

Mean Girls (2004) instantly springs to mind.

Credits go to user DominicL.

Regina George. Hot? For a plastic, yes, yes she was. For a classy lady? Debatable. It’s this worrying idea that I find still, which is ever present in todays society, well at least in the United Kingdom, where I reside – that a girl, when growing up, must go out and ‘look the part’. What on earth happened to natural beauty?

I’m not going to rant and rave about this, and I’m sure some of you may be thinking
‘what the hell are you on about’, but the main point is this – and what I feel is most important from the music video – is that ‘life’ and ‘imagination’, certainly are of your own creation – you should take what you want from life and make it yours (no cringe intended).

You don’t have to follow the ‘plastic’ or what the poster says you should do. Mould and shape your own life.
For those who would consume this video – the young female market – it should apply like everything in life, or as put brilliantly by

Oscar Wilde:

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Simmons Productions motto?

Glamourise, but don’t over accessorise.
Be yourself.

You are more of a woman of grace and elegance if you can go out not looking like those lasses from Essex or the over-zealous vanity driven ‘The Valleys’ (MTV). I’m not trying to take away from their personalities – they could be nice people, for all I or we know! It’s just, in a day and age of such commercial hype and sexualised images going
‘Ga Ga’ or ‘Rhi-Rhi’ – you don’t have to feel the need to conform. If you realise you are doing so, and are content, by all means, carry on. But if you are simply doing it to ‘fit in’, as like the case of Cady Heron (Linday Lohan), it’s not cool. You will stand out like a pope shitting in the woods. Don’t swear by that lifestyle.

To finish off on our Barbie ride, here are a few other
world observations I made.

Enjoy at your own Aqua-land pleasure.

  • The blue tuxedo Ken – a white P-Diddy? Well, he’s got more swag than Pitbull, I give him that.
  •  In case you haven’t noticed in these past few years of ‘pop’ decline and auto tune abomination, Katy Perry is arguably the epitomising image of a 21st Century ‘Barbie’, with a bit of tongue and cheek thrown in. Either way, Mattel really can’t be complaining about this cross-promotion synergy of Barbie and positive inexplicit music:

Credits go to user emimusic:

The Japanese titles and protagonists in the music video – look like the last minute ‘ship shapers’ who were cast five minutes of fame to co-star alongside the band, who, in most probability, are an employers dream for working at the clothes manufacturer we see in British high streets, known as ‘Super dry’.

Aqua Vision

Super Dry Logo

I mean, the Tokyo ‘wannabe’ aesthetics say it all – blurted out with as much amusement and unbelievable sound bites as Homer Simpson’s Sparkle washing powder – a childhood favourite:

Credits go to user Ethan Allcock – Pollard:

3) S Club 7 – ‘Reach for the Stars’

…Living in the 2000’s AKA Y2K!

S-Club 7

Bringin’ it all back to you, thirteen years on: 

‘Don’t stop moving” to the S Club CHEESE

Fast forward to the Millenium.

When the world was heading in to the year ‘2K’ (such an overused phrase now when we think about it – an earlier rendition of ‘YOLO’, don’t you think? – and boy, isn’t that a term played to death today on a world scale from nation to nation), the Sega Dreamcast had bounced and bombed off the scene as fast as Sonic in as little as a one year cycle in a ‘never before seen’ console fashion, and of course, Queen ‘Vic’ Victoria Beckham was rocking up in leather hot pants soon after 2000  with a “credible” pop duet which was so ‘out of your mind’ (2001), (yeh right, as soon as you pull out the ‘posh’ pouts that’ll blow us all out of the music charts mind) one hit wonder of leather suits and one trip pony Dayne Bowers to kick us back in to an idea that motorcycles…..

Credits go to user ‘spiceboy2009’ (oh god, that name is more painful than the Y2K bug itself)

Not only was this a cop-on feel for jumping on the 2000 “Matrix” bandwagon of oh ‘ we’ve got to create a ‘cool’ image to look like Neo from the future realm amongst a naive overlook of abstactual technical images’ to appeal to the future of the music industry – but instead, in reality what they did was just make Brittania Millenium pop look like a massive dud, fusing the bug even more in our heads. I’ll go off on one and say that it even made Top of The Pops look like the BBC National Orchestra. It was just CHEESY. And wrong. And full of pop bugs – on a terrabyte scale. It was everywhere. And it sure would not have putting the ‘post-panic all over Y2K’ hype ‘out of your mind’.

S Club 7 Reunion (2013)

The so solid ‘Miami 7’: The original line-up, reunited at a posh-nox London West-End Show (2012)

And because of all this media crazyness, because of South Park (season 3, you know you want to), because of
George Bush and because of those damn ‘Embedded Systems’ with not a bug in site….(computer high tech systems covering the armed forces, the health system, the FBI, the Government – yada yada yada….basically the world’s platform for day to day exchange and imperative forms of communication….

Credits go to user ‘Jim Margolis‘:

These thrown off signs and warnings, put everyone (not everyone though, let’s face it) to a ‘frenzy’ panic over the
Y2K Millenium bug which comprised of a few cheeky ‘detonate on Millenium NYE’ Apple Macs, power grids, hospitals, oh and the financial stock exchange – all of which were assumed to be teared apart and not ‘wake up before you go-go’ on your next mocha frocha cappucino (George Michael, Zoolander, hello?),

In the 2000th cornerstone year ……of our blissful existence.

But, fear not guys. We are still here. We’re still strong. And we’re in Y2K13. Damn right we are.

But in all the worldwide media storms, moral panic and ignorance surrounding what was a simple stepping stone in to the new Millenium, what was predicted to happen was so illogical in every sense that it just didn’t MAKE SENSE. As highlighted earlier by Insania’s poster boy, are we worried? Is technology becoming such a bewildering force of capability that our normal lives would end as we knew it, there and then, at 00:00 on the 01/01/00. Come on, let’s not be so paranoid. It was more a public globalised event bolstered and sprinkled up in media paranoia and constant discourse amongst scientists, psychologists and sociologists. Oh, and South Park. Oh but where’s Kenny? Kenny’s still here. Don’t worry for one second. He’s surviving (miraculously).

But back to the point! As highlighted by Tom Arazac (January 1999) a year prior to when the 2K bug ‘hit us’. He conceptualised the ‘battle of the 2K bug’ in the simplest sense, perceiving that:

“When the new millennium rolls around, we’d better watch out, because it will bring all the crazies out. So I guess I expected some idiocy. But I guess I expected random baseless “The world is coming to an end” type of lunacy. What we have instead is a real, concrete (almost rational) basis for the end of the world; an actual event that rational smart people say is actually going to happen. If it weren’t for this millennium fever, I think most rational people would be able to see the Y2K bug for what it is:

No Big Deal.

The people who are most worried like to point out that the problem isn’t just computers, rather the problem is with every electronic device there is, because so many of them have some sort of computer device embedded in them. These are called in the business “embedded systems”. Embedded systems are widely used, in cars, hospital beds, military equipment, and many other odd places where you may not expect to find a computer. The Y2K lunatic’s theory is that these things could all fail when the Y2K hits.”

Tom Arazac – a guy with a LOT of ‘Y2balls.’ And logic, quite simply.

But in all of this madness, where are Y2-S7?
Didn’t one return to University? Good on ya.

Turns out, they needed some S Club wonga.

They came and they went.

Lock – stock – S Club Cheese barrel.

Next stop –  Aussie TV?

Respect for this.

Credits go to user ‘SunriseOn7’:


But let’s reach the so called
“stars” of the Millenium first.

Credits go to user ‘Zem Zamson’:

But, I tell you what.

You do the reaching.

 I’ll do the preaching….

Come back soon and read how the good old
S7 ‘reach’ your ear drums bang on.

And not in a twinkle star sort of way.

Cheesy music – a historical and cultural background

Upon thought of such a topic, or musical debate, nowhere in me did I find the ideas for such a written piece to instantly spring to my mind, at least not straight away.

The thoughts just didn’t quite flow like Niagara falls this time round. In fact, I will go with saying that these certain songs, upon discovering them for this piece, had only really shed some light on me as regards to their messages as of the past few weeks since starting up my word press blog.

You know, I find, when people put words in to their diaries, or express their feelings or emotions in songs, it can be hard enough just making that thought process happen!  And then, even harder, just trying to think above a sub-conscious level, that usually, we don’t act upon after realising the thought process. What I’m saying is, thinking, let alone writing ,or at least putting in to words, is an art in itself, regardless of these songs to be shown!

Being the type of person to play A-Z of most music, on perhaps the exception of heavy rock, i.e. the extreme being ‘Slipknot’ (because who listens to them, anyway, right?) I decided to somehow muster ‘top 5’ list of songs, which, given the huge library of cheesey songs we have out there, has much potential to expand in the future.

So watch this space!

However, back to the cheesey choice of songs. Cheesey, macaroni cheesey. Really, really smelly. You want to verbally vomit at it.

Your starting to get the point? I haven’t finished yet!

s club 7You know, the overpriced, destined for the bin bags, or local car boot sale shoved in to any one’s hands singles sold with at least a 20p label on them? The ‘one listen’ disposable single with those sharp, non environmentally friendly plastic edged singles that you probably would have bought at Woolworths with a mate in the late ’90s or early 2000’s at the peak of your childhood, when pocket money was your best friend, and, by the end of the week, the ‘pic n mix’ was still alive and kicking for the loving, adoring fat child in you……

(unless you were fat at that age, puppy fat, to put it nicely, like me!)

Please don’t ‘Bring it Back’ (above):
S Club 7 doing what they do best.
But where are they now?

And last but not least!  – Tamagotchi’s (those things you would take out of your pocket every second of the day to then realise it ‘died’, acting like it’s the end of the world!), Firby’s and Pokemon Silver and Gold on Game Boy were all the craze and had just kicked off everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean, everywhere.

Just when you thought school was your escape from all those things. Not a chance!


The ‘sweet’ trap (above):
pic ‘n’ mix at the
splendour shop, “Woolworths”

Credits go to user “Furawatchi4”

And then the Pokemon cards came! Charizard was the one! 120HP, you just couldn’t make a step wrong!


 A great trip down memory lane: A childhood of Nintendo and crazy related merchandise! N64, Pokemon stadium, anyone?

Plus, as seen below, after the first time seeing it in 10+ years,
I finally understand what the hell
they are singing about with that god awful tune that stays with you forever :p

Credits go to user “EpicDagger5000″

But, unless you were a girl, and life didn’t go extend much further in your music than US teen pop sensation, Britney Spears, in her spandex hot lyrca suit (in that music video I just can’t remember the name of, sorry) then Pokemon and Firby’s were probably quite out of the equation!

With the music video though, it kind of sends alarm bells to me, that something

I don’t know the name of , but instead just have a lasting, vivid, dreamy memory of just her…….oh Britney!

Credits go to user “BritneySpearsInVEVO”:

Photo Credits:—mysterious-girl.jpg

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  1. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to
    drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog.
    A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  2. This iss a topc that is close to my heart… Thank you! Exacctly where are your contact details though?

  3. I would just like to say…This is fab! Love the detail and the quirkiness of your writing 🙂 a great read. Thank you x

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