How Did Michael Jackson Die In 2009?


 Who ‘Killed’ Michael Jackson
In 2009?

Aired in the UK.

Wednesday,10th April,


Radio Glamorgan Studios 

Radio Glamorgan brings you all the best in mainstream

and current chart music along with up to the minute current affairs, and news!

In this current & topical entertainment feature,
presenter Aaron James and
entertainment correspondent, Nicholas Simmons –
look at the much pressing and impending $40 billion lawsuit the Jackson family have sued the live concert promoter of the ill-fated concert series for – the “This Is It” comeback shows – that Jackson was scheduled to perform 50 dates for, held at the o2 arena, July 2009 – to see, and understand:

This is it conference

Who is to blame?

Was Michael Jackson at fault?

Does Dr. Murray still hold
responsibility ?

And finally, the most
pressing and on going issue
– was Michael Jackson’s death all a part of a conspiracy
– a ‘CORPORATE’ executed planned murder?

This Is It.
Right here.

This is what we want to know.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Radio Glamorgan, Cardiff. Serving 45 years of broadcasting. All Rights Reserved.

Credits go to user ‘mjchrisu

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How Did Michael Jackson Die In 2009?




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