“Nothing Can Come Between Us If We Just Hold”: The Universal Messages Akon and Michael Jackson Left The World With “Hold My Hand” (2008)

“Nothing Can Come Between Us


If We Just Hold

The Universal Messages Akon
and Michael Jackson Gave To The World With
“Hold My Hand” (2008)

MJ and Akon (Las Vegas, 2007)

Recording a song of unity, hope and love for the world:

Michael Jackson (left) and Aliaune Damala Akon Thiam (right) at
Palm Recording Studios, Las Vegas

(2007 – 2008)

“Let’s find a way through music
where we can get in to people’s ears and pass
that message down”


Hold My Hand (Single Cover, 2010)

“Always a pure spirit man, he always felt like there was something we can do, regardless of the circumstances!

He ALWAYS felt like there was something we can do better the situation at HAND….

You know that’s what I loved about him the most because he had that heart to
where, honestly he had a

heart big enough for the world.

So “Hold My Hand” was

the perfect title and the

perfect message

moving forward regardless of your religion or

your race

if we just held hands as a unit, as one person,

we can unite and

think together as one”

Akon, 2010

Music Fan, analyst & researcher:

Nicholas James Simmons

Holding a 'hand' over Michael Jackson and Akon's song and it's legacy (2013)

Holding My Hand: Holding up a light for the songs musical legacy

Musical Researcher Nick Simmons reveals the messages conveyed through the gift of song,
“Hold My Hand” (2010) which fused together the Senegalese sounds of R & B singer Akon and the
King of pop, Michael Jackson; for what would be their unreleased tribute peace-offering anthem

– to the world.

‘Because when it gets dark and when it gets cold we hold each other until we see the sunlight”


‘Written by Akon and Claude Kelly, “Hold My Hand” was recorded by the Senegalese singer/rapper and Jackson in Las Vegas in 2007.

An unfinished version of the song leaked in 2008, but Akon completed the final production of the track after Jackson’s death.




As of today, four years have flown by since the tragic passing of one of my life creative inspirations, Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael Jackson - Dangerous Tour (1991)

And given the ever complex world situations we face and often crippling scenes of terror we have witnessed historically and in everyday context, I really feel that on this day, June 25th, marking the fourth anniversary of Jackson’s passing; it is important, fitting, and a lasting blog legacy on my behalf to HOLD on and to ‘HAND’ over my ideas and my understanding as a fan of what was, now upon reflection, one of Michael’s last messages (“We Are The World”, “Man in The Mirror”, “Heal The World”, “Earth Song”) he left to the world through Akon’s world anthem; transcending his message of the human condition, tranquillity, hope, peace, love and unity to the world….

For it is you, the reader, and Michael Jackson fans alike, worldwide that I sincerely hope you enjoy reading and educating yourself on what is dear and happy to us most in life. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are reading this! It’s universal. Much like the law of ‘attraction’ – be it anything in life. Everyone can experience the joy of human fulfilment and togetherness.

WE can, as ONE.

Let’s show ourselves and the world what this is all about.

Hold on tight.

Credits go to user Mickie aka Qbee:

Phone Conversation to Akon, 2007
(based upon You Tube sources)

 ‘I want to make history on this one Akon.
We want the world and that’s what we’re gonna do, I just need you to pull from your gut or your soul and see it done in your imagination and see it accomplishing as setting world records. 

Michael Jackson Tribute Exhibit Madame Tussauds

We can do this.’

Credits go to user michaeljacksonVEVO:

Hold My Hand

What messages were Akon and Michael Jackson

delivering through music?

  1. The holding of the hands naturally unites us, as one body – the people of the Earth

  2. Life is too short – we must come together

  3. Relationships create happiness, L.O.V.E.

  4. Peace between everyone, and anyone

  5. Holding no prejudice, resentment, contempt or remorse for not one individual

So, before I take a ‘hold’ and blog to the best of my knowledge through writing, I decided to take a look at what is currently making us take each others hand and cry for hope in the world
of 2013:

Mandela ‘still critical in hospital’


Nelson Mandela Tributes and Prayers

Lebanon clashes: At least 16 soldiers killed in Sidon


Soldiers In Sidon

Red Cap death inquiry call on 10 year anniversary (BBC)

 And something which hit home for myself and the Welsh community of Cardiff (United Kingdom) within the past year


Cardiff hit and run incident

The Cardiff ‘Hit and Run’ which took place during October of 2012 in Wales, United Kingdom

Credits go to user ITN:

Hold My Hand Shot (Sony Music Video, 2010)

This Life Don’t Last Forever, So Tell Me What We Waiting For:

The importance of coming together as people, for which in this day and age, although a universal concept of peace and our simple being; becomes an on-going issue entangled in national wars, world politics and engaged cultural discussion.

From the April 2013 Boston Bombings, the 7/7 London Bombings,
the Columbine Shootings during the summer of 1999,
to wide scale terrorism since the advent of 9/11 and the drastic toll of human suffering faced in Iraq thereafter:

Credits go to user James C:

It’s the same story, isn’t it? Why are we suffering? What’s wrong with the world?
What motivates these kinds of acts?

Personally, I think it stems from the human consciousness, the ‘psyche’. Of course, developing upon this notion, certainly upbringing, past suffering and the ability to rid yourself of any hatred or grudge for people in your life is of great importance to eradicate such traces of extreme thought or action, as witnessed above. I hate to sound so serious, as later we shall find much enjoyment from the song itself; but in order to explore the simplified roots of such terror and action, we must understand, from an impartial point of view –  the complexities of ourselves as human beings, our behaviours and thus the ultimate consequences of our actions.

– No matter how slight or severe.


London Bombings 7-7 (2005)

In times of despair: The inhumanity of the London 7/7 Bombings

We all make mistakes. We are all human. Of course, some are forgivable. Some are clearly not, given the tragic and damaging impact. I think we know which are. There is no need to mention or delve in them further. But in other circumstances, where damage is not fully done, and is somewhat reversible, then we can change, and make better of ourselves – and come together – through friendships, families and relationships.

In Michael Jackson’s context, it is both ironic and eerie now, four years on, to consider a big prophecy he made during what were the last stages of his life. During the rehearsals for his scheduled 2009 O2 arena concerts, entitled “This is It” (2009), Michael tells his cast and crew that we have a ‘four year’  (2009 + 4 = 2013, right) time limit on picking back the pieces, and reversing the ecological, the environmental and the physical damage that has been inflected on the world; all at the result of human hatred, selfishness, greed and corporate capitalisation (if you think about it, really, it is, isn’t it)! These human traits are mostly concerned around the vast suffering our planet deals with (and will deal with further in the future) if we don’t act to help realistically take action to provoke Government change, limits or further prevention of global warming, famine, world hunger and poverty in Third World Countries.

Listen closely:

Credits go to user truthangel65

But also, check out this video. It summarises the reasons I have been stating. Why at times, we have to fall back. Why we have to take a hit as Rocky Balboa proclaims, and why we can’t climb a mountain without making a few scars, as American Civil Rights Leader Reverend Al Sharpton perfectly delivered paying tribute to Michael Jackson at his home coming public memorial at Los Angeles Staples Centre, July 2009, nearly four years ago.

Make that change in your life. Be inspired:

Credits go to user oblong:

Credits go to user Mateusz M:

Because, even if mistakes are something you cannot, as the reader, accept, it is a force upon which no one can sometimes control, for good, or for bad, as demonstrated in the devastating examples above. Tragically, for the ones who plot on terrorising nations, countries, and borders, they are the victims themselves. Not that we should pity them, given what lives and places and communities have been destructed in the last couple of decades in the 21st Century. These terrorists – they are victims of suffering, painful backgrounds and disturbed relationships.

 It is a psychological innate quality. Born within. For those with the bad intent, they are rattled by human psychology and wellbeing, dishevelled in their social and personal upbringing, and tormented by any suffering they have endured. This is where healing and recognition are very important. To acquire the knowledge and ‘know-how’ to do right.  Just take a look at a few of the underlining quotes highlighted here. It really emphasises the origins of our existence, through historical figures and cultural examples, as to who and what we choose to become. Whether it’s Neil Armstrong landing on the moon in 1969, making that one GIANT LEAP for mankind, or the simplicity of human to human contact – from a stare, to a wave or to a simple smile – it is all that is severely lacking and missing in our world today. We are losing track of ourselves and are not adopting healthy outlooks on relationships and pure care for one another. To confirm or deny your views, this doesn’t come from a devout, experienced or practicing religious individual, if you are wondering or are concerned about the idealistic content of my written work. I am merely detailing the points at which we are losing ourselves in this world at times. Where technology drives the world now and money literally defines every action, involvement, activity or relationship we are in. For example, Professor Houghton of the University of Western Australia Centre for Child and Adolescent Related Disorders has found in recent early accounts of the impact screens are having on children they expressed more value from their ‘virtual relationships…than real life relationships”. This is terribly worrying.

I was a child of the ’90’s.

Credits go to internetexplorer:

I at least had a ‘screen free’ upbringing. I enjoyed the bright outdoors and friends, and every little toy, film or
Game Boy Pokémon in-between. The sense I am getting is that by the time children of todays generation grow up, they won’t have a sense of what a human relationship, or friendship, really is, and is defined by.

Facebook, Twitter? Useful tools when used wisely. But the way it’s heading now? Limits need to be enforced on the ‘screen-time’ children are given access to technology in education, in my true humble opinion. We really need to dial back to the roots of who we are, and the ultimate, universal code of humanity and what I believe beams out from the song, and video, for that matter, of “Hold My Hand” (2010)

– which is hope, love and unity for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, yellow, red or blue. Race is not something which should define you, let alone set you apart from anyone else. Nor should ego, which man has unfortunately taken to advantage as
Akon highlights during a commentary session about the songs production history,
before and after Jackson’s untimely passing.

Akon’s explanation of “Hold My Hand” (2010)

Credits go to user MJacksonHD:

Please watch to understand the roots and the contexts of the song in relation to the themes I have raised here.

Credits go to user LunaJo67:

We are all one in this world. No matter what the media says. Don’t fall prey or victim to the corporate or commercial voices of this world. More often than not, they are capitalising on what you think is right and can then twist it to cater to their financial gain, where more often than not, our voices become lost, and we are subliminal slaves to the system. Break free of these complexities. This is something I learned very much about during my time at University.

Observe a segment speech from David Fincher’s “Fight Club” (1999). Brad Pitt, playing the lead character,
Tyler Durden, explains our ‘great depression’, and why as humans, we have fallen prey to slavery of everyday jobs and capital consumerism:

Credits go to user Jesuit24:

We are born the way we are, and that’s it. That’s nature. Our biological product. Everything else will take care of itself.it is all that is missing in our world today. We are in severe lack of moving forward. Our human psyche has driven us to destruction. It must have done. How else can we explain all these acts of unkindness? The root of terrorising acts are all bedded in that sense of frustration, despair, and complete hate for ones-self and the counter society. The whole idea of where the world is heading can be very daunting at times, given the powers and capabilities we now have with weapons of mass destruction and various other nuclear resources.

We have to stop and think sometimes. Although this topic can be a little overhauled with sensitive concern and wonder, we must dare to challenge and open our minds to the universal codes and languages we all express and can adhere to. And this is why I bring “Hold My Hand” to this piece. Because, as we learn to forgive ourselves, and come together, we can be a much happier, collective world. I’m not talking from any cultural, religious or philosophical standpoints here. This is just common knowledge. Love and the holding of hands is just universal expression for care, joy, kindness, and passion for keeping everything in harmony.

The holding of the hands can act as a visual metaphor.

Ultimately, it transcends and interconnects nations, countries, borders, people of all or any racial barriers and leaders.

Hold My Hand.


Culture. Music. Films. People. This was no accident.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” 

Albert Einstein

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