Top Inspirational Videos!

Top Inspirational Videos!

Dreams Quotation

One can dream: What inspires us to live life the way we do?

In this latest September ’13 blog, 

I shall attempt to challenge myself

yet again,

as I have done earlier this

year in uncovering the

meaning (with a twist!) behind the

‘Top cheesy pop songs‘.

We all need to feel inspired in life.

It’s difficult to stay in that feeling, though.

But where there is a will, there is a way….

A lack of inspiration can occur when our

circumstances or peace of mind change.

Getting a certain grade at school.

Losing that crucial football match.

Being turned down on that job interview.

Moving away. Separating from your family or a
loved one.

We’ve all been there.

Credits go to user Alvino Jun:

Growing up and facing the real world. Leaving school/college/university. All these factors can bring big challenges in life and when you try so hard to keep everything as it was, it sometimes just washes away in the face of everything you had known.

But, despite the challenges we come up against; problems can be solved, solutions can be made in this world and time surely does move on to become a healer in all of these faced dilemmas.

So, without further ado, I set out writing this blog entry with a mission! To give to you the most inspiration I can; for you, the reader, who has come here seeking it.

I hope I fulfil that desire.


Nicholas J. Simmons.

Nicholas Simmons

As I begin on this road of enlightenment and life discovery, what does the word ‘inspire’ actually mean, or originate from?  Well, according the Greeks, inspiration is defined as a:

Yoga Pose

“State of temporary madness, where the artist – in his trance-like state of ecstasy – ceases to be themselves and instead acts as a mere vessel, channelling the creativity of the Gods”.

Wow. That was a mouthful. But, despite the definitions spiritual and practical connotations
(depending on how you look at it) – are we really reaping our full potential when we are inspired? Is it close to feeling a release you would receive when you take a drug, like marijuana, for that one time ‘high’? Feeling ‘inspired’ (if you pardon the pun) to dig deeper in to my search, the origins of the word ‘inspire’ come from French and Latin words ‘inspiracion’ (French – meaning inhaling/breathing) and ‘inspirationem’ (Latin – a noun of action explained in the past tense
– to IN-spire, IN-FLAME)


In fact, when we dissect and shorten the word inspirational, what do we get? IN – SPIRIT.
As told by Ralph Smart. His video’s are so on the spot. Dive deep in to his video’s.

Credits go to user Infinite Waters (Diving Deep):

So, what does Ralph tell us?

How do we feel more alive on this earth?

Well, we need to start with ourselves.

Sun Inspirational Photo

Seeking inspiration:
How to become the best ‘you’.

We have to look within to improve our quality of life and let go of societies expectations. By accepting yourself one hundred per cent you can truly live your life to the full. Perception plays a huge part in our road to being free. Every idea we think about starts with a thought, and that thought is vitally dependent on our frequency.

As applied in Rhonda Byrne’s novel The Secret (2006),  the level of our thoughts impacts the way we live, the way we do things and the way we interact with nature around us.

yoga-loveWe need to ‘self-govern’ and break free of the corporate systems of advertising, employment and life conveyor belts (education, getting married, having children, raising children) in order to be ourselves completely and feeling our purpose completely on earth and fulfilling our potential. Additionally, we should go outdoors more and ‘feel nature’, walk bare feet on the grass and thus connect universally, in order to feel that we are not alone in this world, and are together as one. In terms of our health, it is important to eat well and feel the benefits of nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Our mental nature is equally as important as our physical nature. Yoga, aerobics and sport exercise can contribute to an increased sense of well being and cleansed thinking, both internally and externally. The physical has as much a significant impact on the sense of mental well being, and vice-versa.

Love Is The Most Important Thing In The World

However, to really break down the meaning of inspiration before we begin on this journey, I have taken a definition from oxforddictionaries, which finds:

To inspire ~


Inspiration in 2013

The process of being ‘mentally stimulated’ to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. 

Now, that makes a lot more sense.

It is an action-reaction type cause and effect.

Something inside of us compels our being to do what is right or beneficial for us and to ACT upon it. Everything we do in life is constantly monitored by ourselves and our peers, and so, from reflection, one can help to feel inspired, learn from their mistakes and know where they have been on this journey, as American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Winnie The Pooh Quote

Inspired by the author A A. Milne’s “Winnie The Pooh”.

Uplifting movies right here.

Credits go to user IvanRQ8:

Credits go to user movieclips:

Credits go to user scumti77:

‘journeys’ conceptualised above in the form of separation and human interaction, which we must learn to face and overcome when we want to feel inspired and motivated again.

And on this journey, we experience three steps when we are experiencing inspiration.

This involves the work, the frustration, and the repetition.

“The separation of talent and skill is one of THE greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel and have dreams and want to do things. Talent you have naturally.

Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hour of beating on your craft!”

– Will Smith

Credits go to user Marcquis C Jones:

We find ourselves in a cycle, especially when the frustration hits. And it is upon most people that quitting at the “frustration” stage is the sole reason for not experiencing the higher moments of creativity, learning, development and thus inspiration. To distinguish the more inspired individual from the un-inspired, writer George Leonard categorised in his book entitled “Mastery” the three different groups of personalities which prevent the individual mastering themselves.


These involve:

  • The Dabbler –  Becomes bored easily, doesn’t experience a ‘spike’ in creativity and moves on to another thing.
  • The Obsessive –  Lives to reach the ‘spike’ experience but consequently
    ‘burns out’ trying to get the growth spurts. After reaching a plateau stage, the individual stalls.
  • The Hacker – This individual reaches a plateau in their creativity juices but decides to stay on the same frequency of growth. No reflection on their learning is invested in so the individual resumes on their work.

So, now we have got inspiration under this blogs belt, let’s begin on this inspirational journey.

May I just add, that although these have been hand picked and chosen based on my upbringing and experiences, it is within your subjective reasoning to determine how much the following content inspires you. I am simply providing a means of interpretation and personal relation which can, hopefully, transfer inspiration to you, the reader.

Feel inspired.


1) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

– For What It’s Worth, It’s Never Too Late

To Be

Whoever You Want To Be….

Credits go to user gonn8:

I love this video. It epitomises so much of life in those two minutes and gives us time to reflect on our own being.

You can’t let others around you influence what you choose to do in life – even if everyone is against you doing it. You can learn from any mistakes you make in the past, or in the future, even, and that in itself justifies our flaws as human beings. On the one hand, we can live by rules and be told what to do – or come here choosing what
WE want to do. It’s that simple, I suppose. Whether its travelling far and wide, meeting new and exciting people, or working different jobs to keep life more unpredictable and ever changing. Life is of your means and creation.

However, although in Benjamin Button’s case the element of reversed aging (old > young) didn’t so much influence his choices; what we can learn from this short clip is that you only live once on this earth – (yes, YOLO!) and if what you are doing doesn’t ‘fill you up’ or give you that urge of joy and happiness, then something needs to change. As put perfectly by Benjamin, we all need to have “the strength….to start all over again”, as none of us are perfect in the world or live the ideal lifestyle. In this, I believe life as a ‘journey’ is completely represented to its potential, and despite remembering the context in which it is presented, as only art in film, it speaks volumes without not saying too much. It teaches a great moral lesson, one which can help us pause for a moment and question whether in our present life right now – are we living the lives we really want , or living in the shadow of someone else’s?

Time for us to connect and find our true selves. 

2) Jack (1996) – Graduation Speech

Credits go to user ed cats:

I don’t have much time these days, so I’ll make it quick

– like my life….

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, who is known to direct in such a different mode of film storytelling and genre (most notably the famous mafia Godfather series during the 1970’s and 1980’s), it is hard to conceive Jack (1996) in this directors filmography. However, before we begin, it is funny and both ironic to consider the central character in this clip, known as Jack (played by Robin Williams), faces an aging condition which performs quite the opposite to what it did to Benjamin Button. Instead of losing his wrinkles and grey hair, Jack in fact ages four times the rate of an average human being. So, for example, when Jack was ten years old during the start of the film, in human years he looked approximately the build and appearance of forty years old. Therefore by the time graduation had come around, Jack was looking well in to his ‘Grandad’ years, sporting the receding hair and the reading glasses to go with it. But why is it inspiring? It’s inspiring because it portrays themes of hope and dreams, and that, despite your worries ‘about the future’, you should think about your life in perspective to the wider world, and of course, Jack, whose problems are a little far more ‘aging’ than yours. So again, like Benjamin, Jack has delivered a great speech on trying to not feel so concerned to direct our life, and rather just ‘go with the flow”. Of course, this plan is not fool-proof, especially in such economic crisis we are facing these days, but it doesn’t stop us from dreaming, or wanting to achieve beyond the stars. Life is fleeting.  Make the most of it while you can. Jack’s major suffering due to his rapid biological clock paints the whole purpose of his speech. Don’t reflect on what you find is interfering or hindering you from progressing or getting on in life. Carry on despite the encounters faced, and don’t worry. Look at some of the most successful people in the 21st century – Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few,. A lot of them made choices which led them down a different path – a common one being ‘the school dropout’. But we have to remember, everything happens for a reason. Focus on the positives in your life, and you will do just fine.

It’s a simple message, and one delivered with eloquence and magical
charm to make us feel wishful and hopeful in our lives.

3) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

– You gotta dream, you gotta protect it. Period.

Credits go to user tictacj0:

Based on true events, this film depicts the successes and failures of the modern “American dream”. It is not a tale of complete happiness, but it is a journey which can help enlighten those who have faced the depths of despair in their routes to eventual career success. Mentoring his son in the film as the non-fictional character Christopher Gardner (which, spookily enough, is my brothers name), the ideas of dreams and success are spelled out in a philosophical view. What Will Smith is pointing at is you cannot let your ‘dreams’ slip out of view – no matter how immeasurable they are. If you let other people influence your choices in life – the dream will be smashed to the size of a broken china dinner plate. You will feel lost and without purpose. The idea of jealousy, bitterness and rivalry play so much a part in this notion of success. No matter what you want to achieve – do not let anyone tell you otherwise. It is your life, and you are free to choose. As stated in the 1776 United States Declaration of Independence, third American president Thomas Jefferson wrote that  “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Don’t let barriers build up against your ideas, and especially people’s input or opinion on your vision. Become the person you set out to be. And this is where I bring in a real life example, applied in the next video.

It’s time to think different

Apple - colorful

Let’s sum up Steve Jobs inspirational list of qualities he dictates in order to succeed (taken from a speech he delivered as an honorary fellow at Stanford University, 2005:

Credits go to user Zac Hembry

  •  Life is far too short – chase what you want to achieve in life
  •  Choose to pursue what makes you passionate about your work
  • Don’t let others opinions or beliefs tear down your inner voice – known as ‘dogma’
  • In a strange but sensible mode of thinking, make the most of life by adopting the mind-set of eventual death coming as this will mean you are living for something worthy and not wasting your time
  •  Leave a legacy for yourself, knowing you entered and left this world with a trail and not just a path – by having the courage to follow your heart and not listen to external voices

Marianne Williamson – Our Deepest Fear….

Credits go to user movieclips:

  • Quoted from spiritual writer Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of a “Course in Miracles” , the character Timo Cruz from the film Coach Carter (2005) expresses the mistakes he has learned from holding a large ego and acting disrespectfully
  • This quote applies very much to the sense of never giving up and underestimating our ability. As humans we are ‘powerful beyond measure’, and it is actually in fact the true potential we can achieve which ‘most frightens us’.
  • When we do not hold back, conquer fear and accomplish our dreams –  without knowing, our positive energy inspires others without any permission required

4) Rocky Balboa (2006) – The World Ain’t

All Sunshine and Rainbows, kid….

Credits go to user JackBauer137:

Depicted in a similar father-son mentor scene similar to The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), Rocky Balboa
(aka Sylvester Stallone) lectures his growing son on the success, pain and hardships endured in life. What I really admire from this short segment taken from the film is the way Stallone’s acting lays down the black and white of life so concisely. The world isn’t the nicest place. Sunshine doesn’t always come (well, in the UK at least!), and heck, rainbows aren’t too easy to spot out either. I think by these visual metaphors he is referring to the
“real world”, where jobs are few and far between, and people get “hit” (by the economic crisis we are in). However, the morals behind this delivered speech to his son, I personally think, is that you should not try and find a scapegoat or any individuals to blame for your situation or where you are in life. If you are blaming others you are not looking within. You need to change yourself first if you want to move forward. Feeling worthy is a big part of knowing who you are, and having the strength, much like Benjamin Button, to carry on, even if you do stumble or get ‘hit’ in life. That demonstrates qualities of a true warrior. Did Martin Luther King give up speaking his mind about racial divides in America? Did Muhammad Ali ever stop proclaiming he was “the greatest”?

Muhamad Ali

The World’s Greatest: Rising up to your fears in life – no matter how big or small.

Aspire to be like Rocky Balboa and pack a punch at this world. I don’t mean for you, as the reader to adopt his lifestyle or workouts, just to clear that up! That’s excessive! One step at a time!

Credits go to user Ricky Boy:

But as far as your personality is concerned, you have to put on a tough front (as you would physically ^) if you want to make it in this big wide world when times can look so gloomy.

You don’t climb up a mountain without making a few scars. Don’t be afraid to push your boat out. Anchoring it for too long will leave you in the same situation, and it can become an ever more frustrating situation as time goes on. Be bold. Be brave. 


Feeling on top of the world:
Beating down your fears in life through adopting the ‘Rocky’ mentality

5) Alan Watts – The Real YOU

Credits go to user TragedyandHope:

In this uplifting audio clip, British philosopher Alan Watts explores the true meaning of ourselves as human beings on the planet. So, why is this important? Well a lot of us become passive to life and really forget who we are and what our true purpose is. When we realise this, we uncover our great potential. The “real you” should inspire us to wake up, and explore our inner being to unleash the skills, knowledge and our unique personality we came here equipped ready for this world. By doing this, we can not feel influenced by our peers or authoritative figures who are trying to direct our life down a different route, one which you may even never wish to follow. As we only live once, Alan explains the importance of not beating yourself up and obsessing over thoughts of your worthlessness here, as life is far more important to consider living for.  
Through imagining what it would be like to not ever wake up again after going to sleep next, Alan Watts presents to us the importance of living for the “now” rather than for the later. Feel in yourself a new way of programming your mind to acknowledge we are all equal and free to live on this planet, and as complex beings we use life as a journey to discover who, essentially, we are.

But, what if money was no object?

Credits go to user balancebyvisulas:

It would be very naïve not to consider this. When we are inspired, money does play a factor.

But it does not provide as the ‘be all and end all’. It cannot buy you happiness. It cannot buy a true soul mate. Taken from the National Geographic, results produced from a “life satisfaction” survey found “additional income appears to produce only modest increments in self-reported happiness”. So a lot of millionaires and bankers/investors out there in the world may have more money than they can chew, but are they really happy? Do they enjoy their job? Are their social relationships valued? Do they have many friends? Many questions worth considering. According to “Adam Smith and Consumerism’s role in happiness: modern society
, “the problem with consumerism is that it makes the pursuit of happiness more difficult. While each individual good provides momentary satisfaction, the goal of consumerism is to keep the consumer wanting to purchase more goods”.

So, as we purchase more and more, is money becoming more of a meaningless object of life? All the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, all the brands we sport – is it all just a system which leaves us on a conveyor belt of passive purchasing? Is there more to life than money and material goods? Behind the wealth, what makes us truly content? Lao Tzu, a Chinese figure of wisdom and eastern philosophy, explained in his scripts entitled the “Tao Te Ching”  (written 2500 years ago), which refers to:

Tao, 道 = ‘The way’

Te, 德 = ‘Virtue’
(the application of Tao – good morals, resulting in power and vitality)

Ching, 经 = Scripture/classic

Tao Te Ching Cover

The ‘way’ to live your life: Ancient Chinese philosophy, perspectives and theories
of how to live your life effectively, accomplish and help others in need and to feel empowered.


Be Content

‘When your cup is full, stop pouring’: The need to feel more content, and satisfied with your live in order to avoid the trap of needing more, consuming more and obsessing

Observe motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer deliver a public broadcasted speech on his interpretations of one of the ‘wisest books ever written’:

Credits go to user iwonderjam:

The importance of ‘feeling content’ is linked with consumerism. If we can feel more content, we can take value for our possessions and the people around us much more effectively. When your ego does not take over, you can stay humble in your life, and you will not only attract more to you, but feel much more satisfied in your life. By not feeling in ‘a lack’ of something, you can appreciate life so much more. It’s that simple. This is a big part of feeling inspired to live without the need for more. Don’t hold grudges or sense jealously around others as they may have more than you. The amount of material items you possess, or the car you drive should not signify or define your status in society. Give, provide and save more. We can re-use. We can recycle to save the environment.
We can re-visit.

I want to bring in a great inspiration of mine for you to understand about our social values and the importance of coming together as people; regardless of your wealth, background, race or religion. If money did not distinguish the higher classes from the middle classes to the lower classes, the world would certainly be more on the same wavelength – where everyone would feel equal, no one would judge each other and everyone would consequently feel no less as an individual. It’s important to realise what is left of us where money is no longer part of the equation. Morals. Values. Equality.


Credits go to user mjacksonNET:

A musical artist who transcended beyond the limits of what we thought was humanly possible in popular music, who felt very inspired to use his platform and speak out on such complex issues.

Now, moving on, we realise a part of being inspired involves, of course, money.

We cannot forget this.

 Money does NOT buy you happiness, however.

It does lead to an increased sense of well being and security. But underneath all of that, are you really, truly happy?

This video brings to life so much of our human anatomy as complex beings with desires, wishes, conflicts and pressures – all a part of life as we know it. But, given this exceptional circumstance – what IF money was not an object we needed? Would world peace be resolved? And with currency no longer a form of our exchange, could we live our dreams? Alan Watts puts forward to use here that you should not keep on living for a means of making lots of money. You should feel passionate about your work and not be motivated by the money as this will produce the best results out of you – both on a personal and professional level. Avoid the conveyor belt lifestyle, which keeps you in a circle of producing work you don’t like to make money to carry on living as you are. It’s a vicious trap. The lecture given by Watts is awe inspiring and applies universally. Money runs the world, and unfortunately, destroys it in some cases, terrorism being a prime example.

But what we can learn is to aspire to your career goals – no matter how much or little money it makes you – do what fills you up in life. Don’t live for by the rules.

If money were no object, I’m quite sure we would all be living in our own idea of ‘paradise’.

“And me?

I still believe in paradise. But now

at least I know it’s not some place

you can look for.

Because it’s not where you go.

It’s how you feel for a moment in

your life when you’re a part of something.

Beach Inspiration

And if you find that moment…



It lasts forever.

(Leonardo Dicaprio – The Beach, 2000)

Top Inspirational Videos!

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