ITV Launches ‘Good Morning Britain’ Returning To A “Greater Focus On News”

Behind The Scenes At Good Morning Britain

‘Good Morning, Britain’:
The news-talk show run-through at a ‘brand new’ ITV studio in London (UK), described as “distinctive”.


The ITV programme “Good Morning Britain” has aired it’s first broadcast at 6:00AM this morning with presenters Ben Shephard, Charlotte Hawkins, Sean Fletcher and the former BBC Breakfast presenter, Susanna Reid. This change comes after the previous current format “Daybreak”, which, according to The Guardian, lost out in a recent ratings battle with the BBC as it “performed so badly” following a slump in viewership to 600,000 viewers on average after airing in 2010.

Good Morning Britain, which ITV originally screened on 1st February 1983 hosted the likes of Angela Rippon and broadcast veteran presenter Sir Michael Parkinson. The fixture ran for a total of nine years, when the programme was taken off the air on 31st December 1992 with it’s last edition.The revived format is set to feature an all new studio design with a backdrop of the London Skyline, with landmarks including St Paul’s Cathedral expected to make its debut on-screen.

Reports also suggest the previously criticised “Daybreak” and “GMTV” studios ‘breakfast chat-show sofa’ will be replaced by a structured environment with a much greater emphasis being placed on news. This will see a formal desk arrangement inspired by American Breakfast shows including NBC’s “Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America”; assembling all four presenters adjacently after what sources close to ITV say will create a “healthy rivalry” over individual screen time being sought after.


 Good Morning Britain - Desk Shot (27th April 2014)Good Morning America Set




‘Good Morning’ studio similarities:

The striking resemblance between  ITV’s new set for Good Morning Britain (above right) and ABC’s studio Good Morning America (left )in the U.S.

Suggested to appear as a permanent fixture in the news format and perhaps in future broadcasts includes a ‘ticker’ reminiscent of 24 hour-news to prevent viewers from consuming other new channel competitors BBC and Sky News.

However, these changes come as former “GMTV” programme director Peter McHugh has criticised ITV over it’s priorities focusing more over the substance (design) of the studio rather than the news content, which he labelled specifically as “the furniture”, believing the nationwide broadcaster needs to entirely shift their efforts away from and fulfil the goal to deliver more effective and interesting content appealing to the viewers at home. The emerging problem from Mchugh’s argument are the warnings over the style of presentation – pointing particularly to the failed attempts of “Daybreak” four years ago, which he claims was a “daytime show [and did not air] at the right time”, emphasising the importance of “continuity and information” needed in the morning format for success.

The presenters, whose joint careers include former GMTV presenter Ben Shephard, BBC Breakfast Presenter Susanna Reid, and previously signed Sky News presenters Charlotte Hawkins and Welsh fluent speaker Sean Fletcher will see them present between the main desk, and what is expected to be an ‘interviewee sofa’ to engage viewers with the ‘familiarity’ of formats from which Good Morning Britain’s has succeeded thereafter.

Susanna Reid, who describes the show’s environment as “new, exciting [and creating] more of a team”, will, according to ITV, be amongst the first news-reader to receive more screen-time over her fellow presenters beside her, , until any changes are subject to be made at a later date in the daily morning broadcast.

The new ‘Good Morning’ format now sets out to re-define the standard of morning news, weather and traffic updates on a national scale throughout the United Kingdom.

Good Morning Britain will broadcast daily throughout the week from 6:00AM on ITV 1 Monday to Friday.


Quote: “Greater focus on news”—or-should-that-be-america-first-review

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