What’s New With The Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Announcment


Does this deserve a high five?

Head of IT &  Mobile Communications JK Shin unveiling the new in line “S” model, the Galaxy S5, pictured here at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Monday 24th February 2014. 

After less than twelve months since it’s predecessor, Korean Manufacturer Samsung Electronics launched on Friday the latest smartphone in it’s series of flagship devices, known as the Galaxy “S”series.

The new handset is set to boast new features including a health rate monitor, a finger print sensor, synchronicity with a new line of Samsung Gear devices for exercise, and water/dust resistant technology which challenges market rival Sony, who are releasing their Xperia Z2 model later this year.  The phone arrives at launch in four different colours; shimmery white,  copper gold, charcoal black and electric blue, sporting a leather type bound casing replacing the previous lower premium polycarbonate material backing used in earlier releases. Boasting a 5.1″ HD Super AMOLED screen, the phone has a high-end screen finish  producing  a resolution of 1920 x 1080p, which is now becoming the standard for most smartphone rival competitors. The quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM installed runs the latest android operating system, known as Kitkat (after the Nestle chocolate bar) which boasts a wealth of new interface features and improves the sleekness in performance for users.

The 16-megapixel camera on the rear of the phone will mean photo’s taken on the Galaxy S5 will surpass current rivals on the market, which includes Apple, whose most recent iPhone model, the 5S, uses an 8 -megapixel camera.


As familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S4, the new device builds upon the HDR functions and fast focus modes which allow users to accentuate areas of an image or compile a selection of identical photo’s  from different shots taken to produce the best result. A common example Samsung has highlighted includes  a holiday photograph, where too much shade has limited the lighting in the photo.

See below:

Samsung HDR Technology

Utilising cutting edge camera technology, Samsung has unleashed a new set of unique and exclusive features to appeal to the user who demand efficiency, effectiveness, and, most importantly, convenience. A new “download booster” feature means your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection will work in tandem to produce the best results, when browsing the web or downloading multiple documents or files. Additionally, an “ultra power saving mode”, unlike any smartphone before now means tasks and performance are prioritised on the phone, also making the screen turn black and white to minimise dramatic battery consumption.

Credits go to  Vodafone UK:

Although industry experts may label these “gimmick” features, only time will tell if these offerings prove to win in Samsung’s offering. At this moment, it is expected that Apple, and other smartphone leaders will be releasing their next in-line devices. With ever demanding expectations of what a smartphone is capable of, Samsung is unquestionably near the forefront of new and innovative ideas. Whether or not users will purchase this device after such a quick release turnaround is another question. But what is appreciated of Samsung is their willingness to experiment and test in area few dare to try in, and for that, it appears an amount of recognition should be deserved.

But is the Galaxy S5 worth an upgrade?

Although deemed an ever on-going issue with the consumer, the Samsung Galaxy S5, while not recognised as a revolutionary device, should perhaps be labelled as a semi-upgrade to existing users of the smartphone platform. Furthermore, it goes without saying –  a valid point worth raising could be there has not been any as such major leap forward in terms of design and functionality since Samsung launched it’s Galaxy “S” SIII on to the market in 2012, over two years ago, utilising cutting edge HD Super Amoled screen technology at the time. This device single-handedly placed Samsung at a strong competitive advantage amongst their main rivals, including Apple, HTC and Nokia.

If you are the type of person that likes to turn over a new leaf in your use of smartphone, or who demands greater possibility (with added potential features), then this may just be the ‘high five’ you have been waiting for.






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