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“Nothing Can Come Between Us If We Just Hold”: The Universal Messages Akon and Michael Jackson Left The World With “Hold My Hand” (2008)

In celebrating the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, on June 25th, 2013, researcher, fan and analyst Nicholas Simmons explores the universal messages and true meanings of hope, love and unity Senegalese singer Akon and the King of Pop set out to leave as a gift for the world through the people’s anthem “Hold My Hand” (2010), and just how war and historical acts of terrorism have all played a significant part in how we have progressed as one race to come together in times of unneeded world suffering.


Return of the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff: 23 years later. “Last time I was here I did my Fresh Prince Rap. 8 Million Youtube Hits were on that. So this time I brought my DJ, JAZZY JEFF!”

As Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff bounced back on UK screens during the Graham Norton Chat Show (BBC) on the evening of May 24th, 2013, music journalist Nick Simmons delivers a refreshing musical account of not only the the hip-hop history of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the ‘Fresh Prince’, but the revelations and origins of Alfonso Riberio, and how the the cultural mobs, fascination and perfectors of the ‘Carlton Dance’ made him a trend setter in party club dancing throughout the 1990’s right up until now, in ‘Fresh’ present day.

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